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Avelo Airlines is a U.S. carrier that operates regularly scheduled flights for passengers. The company is headquartered in Houston. However, it currently operates flights departing from Hollywood Burbank Airport (BUR) and operates domestic flights to more than ten cities in the U.S.

 The airline began flights in 2021. It was established with the help of Andrew Levy, a former executive from Allegiant Travel and United Airlines that have flown in conjunction with an airline registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to trademark his airline is based in Houston. Avelo began services in April of 2021, beginning with the first flight between Hollywood Burbank to Santa Rosa.

Avelo Airlines is an ultra-low-cost airline that operates frequently scheduled flights in America. With rates as low as is possible and maximum reliability, it is an attractive option for U.S. travelers flying within and between states. The airline is focused on serving routes that aren’t being operated by other airlines.

Avelo Airlines serves American cities that aren’t currently served by point-to-point flights. The airline uses Boeing 737-800s to accommodate 189 seats on each plane and one cabin configuration.

Avelo predominantly operates in California on its West Coast and serves Arizona, Oregon, and Washington destinations. For the East Coast, the airline operates from Tweed-New Haven Airport, Connecticut and from there it operates flights to several destinations within the northeast and southeast in the U.S.

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Avelo Airlines Destination

 Avelo Airlines connects secondary destinations with point-to-point routes that aren’t well-served. The airline currently serves eleven destinations in Hollywood Burbank. However, its network is expected to expand through 2021. Avelo mainly flies within California and offers destinations within Arizona, Massachusetts, Colorado, Oregon, Utah, and Washington. The 11 cities currently fly to include Arcata/Eureka, Ariz Bend/Redmond, Bozeman, Medford, Grand Junction, Calif, Colo, Eugene, Mont, Ogden, Ore, Pasco Phoenix/Mesa Redding, Santa Rosa, Wash it is also Utah. Look at the table below to get complete information on the destinations and their airports.

Baggage Allowance

As an ultra-low airline, Avelo doesn’t offer baggage allowances for free to passengers on tickets. If passengers want carry-on and checked bags, these have to be purchased as an add-on. At the same time, checked baggage and carry-on bags are charged a fee. However, passengers can bring personal items to carry on their flight for no cost.

Personal Items

 Each passenger can carry one small personal item during their flight. The item of personal importance must be placed on the underside of the plane. It cannot exceed 14″ 9.9″ and 9.5 “.

Carry-On Baggage

Carry-on baggage is required to be bought as an added-on. It should fit in the plane’s overhead locker and be no bigger than 24″ 16″ and 10 inches in “.

Checked Baggage

 Checked baggage has to purchase as an additional. The maximum weight of carry-on bags is 50lbs (22.5 kilograms), as well as the largest size of”62″ (length plus width and ).

Check-In Information Online

Online check-in is accessible through the Avelo Airlines online check-in page. Check-in can be done at any time before the departure time for the flight. Passengers can check in on any device that is connected to the internet. When checking in on a laptop or desktop, passengers must print their border pass if they check-in using a mobile device. Customers may bring their confirmation of check-in at the airline counter at the airport, where they can print their border ticket.

Airport Check-In

Passengers are also able to check-in at the airport where they are departing. This is accomplished at the check-in desk of airlines in the terminal. Passengers should ensure that they have met the deadline for checking in. Avelo reserves the right to refuse entry for those who do not meet the checking-in deadline.

Economy Class

Avelo offers flights using an Economy Class cabin and a single cabin class setup. It is an ultra-low-cost airline offering seats only. This means that any additional items to the flight have to be bought as an add-on. This includes things like carry-on baggage and checked baggage prior boarding, priority boarding, and pre-selected seats.


  Seats will be laid out in a 3-x-3 configuration on every Avelo route.


Avelo Airlines has plans to start operations with Boeing 737-800s that can accommodate 189 seats. Will utilize the planes to support the airline’s West Coast operations. It’s also receiving Boeing 737-700s before its debut on the East Coast.

Hub Airport Burbank Airport

Hollywood Burbank Airport (BUR) is the hub airport of Avelo Airlines in Hollywood, California. However, the company is located within Houston, Texas. Avelo has been using Hollywood Burbank as its hub since it began flights and was the first airport the airline operated flights. In the long run, the airline will likely have several hubs because of its point-to-point strategy for serving routes that are not served. In addition, although Hollywood Burbank may not always be the airline’s official hub, it will be remembered as the first and central hub by many.

There are no other airlines that operate from the airport. The airlines that work at the airport comprise American Eagle, JetBlue, Southwest, Delta Connection, United, and many other airlines.

Which city is Avelo Airlines located in?

Avelo Airlines is headquartered in Houston, Texas. However, the company itself is not based in Houston. The airline plans to operate flights out of several airports in the U.S. The airport it chooses to use as its main point of departure will be Hollywood Burbank (Bob Hope) Airport when it opens.

Where do Avelo Airlines fly?

At present, the airline operates to destinations within California, Arizona, Oregon, and Washington. But, Avelo Airlines plans to travel across the U.S. between underserved destinations shortly. The airline is located at Hollywood Burbank Airport and headquartered in Houston, Texas. It’s therefore likely that the following list of destinations it will add to its network will be located in and around those regions.

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