California from Dubuque

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What is the best moment to travel to California in the direction of Dubuque (CA – DBQ)?

When you fly across California from Dubuque, the time of day you decide to fly on is not a significant factor in the total cost you pay for tickets.

What is the least expensive month to travel between California from Dubuque?

The flights between California to Dubuque tend to be costlier in May. The prices are usually lower for flights between California through Dubuque at the beginning of February. The lowest flight starts at $285.

Which is the closest airport to fly into to get a Dubuque from California flight?

Most travelers travel to Dubuque (DBQ) when they make a reservation for a flight from Dubuque in California. Dubuque is conveniently located 7.1 miles away from the city center.

Which airlines flying between California from Dubuque offer flexible cancellations with COVID-19?

Some airlines that operate routes from California to Dubuque that offer flexible cancellation policies include American Airlines, United Airlines, and Frontier. Our website will allow you to select all airlines that offer more flexibility because of COVID-19.

Do I have the chance to find cheap flights between California to Dubuque for less than $600 via BookFlight?

There are a variety of flights available to California from Dubuque at less than 600 dollars. The cheapest flight recently booked is with American Airlines for just $548. However, on average, you could spend $588.

Do you know of last-minute flights that fly to California from Dubuque at less than $1,000?

13+ flights are flying from California to Dubuque in the next 7 days for less than $1000.

Which are the well-known top routes that connect California from Dubuque?

Most people choose Los Angeles – Dubuque, San Francisco – Dubuque, or San Diego – Dubuque when selecting the most efficient route to travel to California from Dubuque.

What are the most affordable flights in California from Dubuque?

If you look at all the choices, the most affordable flight is available at $484. The most sought-after route (Los Angeles to Dubuque) is available for $548 per person. The data we have gathered suggests that the cost is $658 when you fly between California and Dubuque.

Do I need to take a COVID test to fly to California from Dubuque?

The information is based on travel restrictions applicable to Dubuque inside the United States.

Most visitors from California must provide the COVID-19 test results as unfavorable or a quarantine before entering Dubuque.

COVID-19 test specifications

Visitors from California need to submit a negative RT-PCR test (NAAT) (NAAT) or Antigen (quick-test) testing. One day for RT-PCR (NAAT) and one day to test for Antigen (quick-test) before departure for Dubuque.

Requirements for Quarantine

Visitors from California do not have to undergo a quarantine upon entry into Dubuque.

Can I take a test to fly back to California from Dubuque?

Returned back to California from Dubuque

COVID-19 test specifications

Visitors to Dubuque need to submit a negative RT-PCR test (NAAT) (NAAT) or Antigen (quick-test) test. One day for RT-PCR (NAAT) and one day to test for Antigen (quick-test) before departure for California.

Requirements for Quarantine

Tourists from Dubuque do not have to undergo a quarantine upon arriving in California.

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