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Guide to cheap flight ticket bookings

A lot of blogs claim to explain how to cheap flight ticket bookings. Most of them recommend you to book early while others subtly try to promote their booking services. Others propose booking on a particular day of the week and time of the Day. Many people approach me, stating they need to go around and if I have a way to get them cheap flight ticket bookings. I don’t have any mystery sauce for making cheap flight ticket bookings, individually when someone has a date and destination fixed and doesn’t have any elasticity. On the other hand, if you are manageable with Date and destination, there are many that you can do to fly at a much low price.

In this blog, I am sharing a guide to cheap flight ticket bookings. Cheap flight ticket bookings are not a function of time. Booking earlier does not always assure you the most affordable rate. Booking a cheap flight ticket direct functions how flexible you are concerning travel date and destination and the science of what price is reasonable, average vs. rich, coupled with how much of a chance you are ready to take.

When you set up cheap flight ticket bookings, first figure out which of the following categories you fall under:

Category 1: Fixed date and destination, traveling on short warning (next several weeks)- There is not sufficient one to get to best deals in this situation.

Category 2: very flexible, Fixed destination with days or organized travel date several months away

Category 3: Will travel to anywhere it is cheap whenever it is cheap

Once you decide which of the above categories you fall under, check the table below for the right approach. If you’re in category 1, then they’re not many opportunities to book whatever is cheaper if it is category 2 and 3, when you have more possibilities of collecting than quickly booking earlier or booking at controlling rates.

Category 1: Fixed Date & Destination, Must travel.

Situation:  Destination fixed & Date, have to travel, the Date is very near

Situation Description: Least manageable way but most of us face this condition due to requirements some family events/ business meetings/event, etc. which want to attend- so dates almost fix and there are no other viable alternatives- like the train, etc

Approach - Cheap Flight Ticket Bookings

Not much compliance, so no secret sauce, cheap flight ticket bookings available.

Additional Steps:

1. Scan popular OTAs like Cleartrip, MMT, etc.- They keep working offers from time to time, which, if possible and genuine, might save several hundred rupees. Be knowledgeable that most offers are complex. They bend in one hand, take back in the other, or often need you to spend more to use the cashback. But at times, there will be genuine deals- like this one on cleartrip.

2. Try the previous evening/next morning airport if viable Airports with many flights are regularly cheaper than airports with very several flights per/Day you can check flight+ bus/train option.

3. Don’t compare prices just on the first page on various portals. Compare at the final payment page. Some travel sites show the low price on the first page and then increase it between or add lots of fees in the last stage. {Compare this MakeMyTrip trick}

4. Note that many airlines are not listed on portals like Cleartrip, MMT (Example: TruJet, Air Deccan, etc.)- if your destination is served by these airlines, check directly on the Airline’s sites.

5. If controlling rates feel very high. You can risk n wait- fares may fall closer to the travel date, or in any circumstances, they can go up equally well (if the request is reasonable)- this will be a risk you have to take

Summary: Considering you have to travel anyway and the travel date is very close, this does not leave you many benefits. You have to book on whatever best possible deal- can try to save a few 100 rupees by searching 4-5 options given above, but differently, not much room at for

Category 2: Fixed Destination, Manageable dates/travel date many months away

Situation: You have decided to visit a destination but have the opportunity to choose any date, or there is many of time to travel Date. It means you are not under pressure to book asap and wait for the right opportunity at a reasonable price before booking.

Situation Description: From my example, I wanted to visit Orissa (Odisha), but earlier, there were no direct flights between Chennai and Bhubaneshwar. AirAsia and Later Indigo have started direct flights, but initially, the price was high. So I waited for a sale when the price was lowest and booked.

Cheap Flight Ticket Bookings Approach:

Step 1: Identify the average and cheapest possible fare for the destination

That would help determine what fare connecting your city and organized destination is mean, standard, and high.

In case Chennai to Delhi one way- anything around Rs 2500-3500 is ordinarily cheap, round 5000 is standard, and anything around 7000 is high.

Within Chennai and Port Blair- a return ticket of around 7500 or less is ordinarily cheap, 10000-12000 is standard, and about 15000 is on the higher side.

Between Chennai and Coimbatore- The lowest I have seen is around INR 1000-1200, Rs 2000-2500 is standard, and anything above Rs 35000-4000 is usually high. Below is a table containing my observation. Do a0 similar chart for destinations you’ve in mind.




Lowest Fare

Noramal Fare

Last Minutes

High Fare
















Port Blair














Air Asia







Air Asia



Osaka Japan




Air Asia



















*All Flights and Hotels prices are from New York Airport, and prices may fluctuate from the source location. For further information, please communicate with our team for the Best Prices and offers.

You can arrive at the above number by checking prevailing fares for multiple dates (near term, long term, etc.) and during the sale and average days, off-peak season, peak period, etc. Keep comparing fares, usually over a month or two, and you will get a feeling of what is lowest and what to expect, and what fare is very high for your destination.

It is related to 52 week high and low numbers possible for a stock price while purchasing shares. If the commission price is closer to 52 week low, then it is an outstanding opportunity to buy more extra of it- if it is closer to 52 weeks high, then you should sell your assets or wait to buy

It takes some trouble, but it is critical to decide the right price. Gaining a sense of this price range for your intended destination from your origin city is very important to resolve if the price you are seeing is reasonable or can get even cheaper.

Step 2: Check if the lowest rate is available for any of the future dates

Now you know what fare is the lowest and what fare is standard for the destination you have in mind. Try the understanding:

Step 2A: Check controlling fares for various dates in the future- different date combinations proper for you. You can use the fare schedule offered by MakeMyTrip, BookFlight AirAsia to check the cheapest days. If you recognize a fare very close to the lowest fare you have seen down, you can jump to.

Step 2C: Others go to Step 2B

Step 2B: You recognize that current fares are not cheap just for your target destination. Take this following:

  • Set warnings in Skyscanner, google flights so that you will notice if prices drop.
  • Recognize 2-3 airlines that fly to your destination- create an account so that they will inform you if they have a sale.
  • Wait for several weeks, retry step 2A and verify if prices have got any better. Or wait for after-sales to check the prices. Here is a 10 point guide to creating the most of AirAsia sales. 
  • Since you are under no pressure to travel quickly or compulsory, you can manage to wait till you see a fare that is closer to the lowest reasonable food.

Step 2C: You’ve spotted a fare that is reasonably close to the lowest fare you’re aware Instantly, you can optimize a bit additional and book.

  • Try a few next onward and return dates to check if there are still cheaper opportunities.
  • Check if the bond time is worth it (sometimes, choosing a slightly more costly option with less transit time might be worth it
  • Check if the season and flight timing can point to Korea in winter if you arrive at 9 PM. You have to spend a bit on hotel service for that night if there’s no public transport during your arrival.
  •  Check these circumstances are desirable.
  • Check for any hidden costs- auto-added baggage, insurance or high service fee, etc
  • Know the terms- nonrefundable fares/cancellation prices, etc., so that you are aware of the risks involved.
  • Once you become convinced yourself that this is the best deal, go forward and book

I am sharing my patterns below:

Odissa: If I reviewed Indigo, Chennai-BBI return fare was around 5000+, which I felt is a bit high and not deserving. Then when Air Asia began Chennai-Bhubaneshwar flights, they sold for Rs 1998 one way or 4000+ for return in a previous sale. I tempt to book, but my gut feeling recommended I wait. In their current deal, they sold Chennai-Bhubaneshwar one form for 1498 (return ticket for Rs 3094 (including net banking convenience fee). I felt this price is fair, found it tempting, and booked a few tickets to Bhubaneshwar. There could be other sales in the future where the same key is sold for Rs 1000 one way- I don’t know. I could have helped further, but I resolved to book since I felt Rs 3000 return is reasonable and deserving.

Dubai: Dubai was on my radar for a long, but return tickets were usually expensive in the range of 25000. This month, I quickly recognized a return fare on FlyDubai for Rs 12000 return, which was very attractive and immediately booked. I doubt it will get any cheaper. 

Summary: The key here is to know what price is the lowest, being patient till you spot the lowest reasonable fare, taking some risks (like no-refunds), and booking fast when you spot a portion of food that is very close to the lowest possible fare. Since you are very adjustable with your dates, you can wait for months to book and book dates for most missing foods.

Category 3: Flexible with Date and destination

Situation: You have got a true wanderlust- willing to go anywhere and everywhere whenever you find the lowest priced tickets. The purpose here is to make maximum use of your money by traveling to any destination that is accessible for a meager amount.

Situation Description: Let us say you had to search South East Asia- Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, and so on. You are not locked on to any particular country or city but want to search for the lowest reasonable fares.

Ticket Booking Approach:

Step 1: Recognize budget airlines operating to regions you have in mind- Let us say Air Asia and Scoot for southeast Asia. It is because low-cost airlines can take you to a destination for as much as half to one-third of what it costs in Full-Service airlines.

Step 2: Once you have 0 in on an airline, identify 4-5 destinations they fly to that inspire you- Let us say you are targeting Osaka in Japan, New York, Bali in Indonesia, Melbourne in Australia, and Hanoi in Vietnam. I am displaying 5-6 because it is hard to focus on all destinations at a time. Target5-6 at a time, book and travel, repeat for other goals following.

Step 3: Concerning those destinations, start tracing the prices- what’s standard ticket fare and the lowest you have seen. These moves are similar to those described above (in Category 2). You want to understand the amount range.

Step 4: Once you know the lowest airfares to your destination, check prevailing fares- if they are not close enough to the lowest fare, wait for few months or wait for a sale by the Airline. (Step 2 under Category 2 above). Book when you’re satisfied you’ve spotted the cheap airfare.

Summary: Considering you are not locked to any one destination and have an idea of what price is cheapest, your strategy should be to wait for a promotion. You are highly likely to view a price close rather than the lowest price you have written. If the price is not attractive enough, do not book. Wait for the best price in the next sale. There is always the next promotion- airlines will not have any plan to shut operations after current sales, though their ads often promote every sale as now or never an opportunity. Once you know the lowest possible fare, please wait for it patiently to maximize your savings.

Some steps to keep in mind:

  1.  Save more is NOT true; Book Early: If you are trying to Book for Feb 2019, you may see a much higher fare matched to May 2018. Airlines set a regular price for the long term and squeeze the costs regularly depending on promotions (load factor), demand for seats, competition airfares, and many other factors. Your aim should be to wait for the right moment (lowest possible food) and grab them.
  2. The risk involved with the lowest fares: You should be comfortable with various risks involved in booking promo fairs months in advance. You can refer to this post for different tips to avoid paying high cancellation charges.
  3. There is always a bit of risk –The best rates airline may cancel some flights, there could be delays and other issues in the service industry, despite best planning you may not be able to go, two days after you’ve booked, you may realize that prices have dropped.
  4. Typically the most suitable place to book is Airline’s website. There could be few differences as OTAs often run promo codes- you should double-check that offer is genuine, no tricks are hidden, and savings are actual.
  5. Check the value proposition– A full-service airline might be more costly than a low-cost airline- but if you are consuming extra on meals, bags, etc., what are the highest profits? Would a full-service airline be worth the premium to you? Similarly, spending a bit differently for more comfortable flying timings, etc. An early-morning flight might be 500 Rs costly than the previous Day’s late-night flight- simply if it can preserve you 1000 Rs on hotel visit, overall early morning flight may be more helpful. The purpose should be to save on overall travel as a whole, not simply on the flight.