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Google flight calendar is the most advanced flight fare forecasting system by Google Travel. You can use it to view flight prices for the next 11 months or roughly 333 days. It means that you can book a flight ticket for May 15th, 2022, today itself. You can also use it to compare the flight fares by changing your travel dates. Let us see what Google Calendar is and how you can use it to get the best advantages.

What is Google Flight Calendar?

It is a calendar provided by Google Travel to compare prices and find flight deals for almost a year. You can search for a maximum of 333 days or 11 months before the actual travel date. It is also helpful in comparing flight prices to a route by altering the dates a bit.

How to use Flight Calendar?

google flight calendar

Follow the most accessible guide below to understand the working and usage of Google Flight Calendar. Please keep in mind to read the airlines terms and conditions about far-future booking before completing the checkout and making payment.

First, visit the Google Travel website on your computer or smartphone, and click on the Flights tab from the left panel.

  1. Select the trip type (One-way, Round trip, or Multi-city) and enter other details such as source and destination city or airport, etc.
  2. Click on the box that shows current or future dates. It is the Google Flight Calendar.
  3. A calendar tab will open, showing two consecutive months. You can click or tap on the < or > icon to switch the month.
  4. Select a date traveling date and click on it.
  5. If you have selected the round-trip, you will need to specify the return date too. You can follow the step 3 – 5 to selected a return date too.
  6. After selecting the date and filling in necessary details, press enter or click the search button. It will now load flight fares according to your preferences.
  7. You will find another calendar on the next page, along with flight search results. This time, the calendar will also show you different flight fares according to the date. You can see what date has the lowest fare and try to reschedule your travel.

Below the Google Flight Calendar, you will see two options: 1. Price Graph, and 2. Date Grid. Let’s see what these two options are and how they can be helpful while finding a good flight deal. Please note that those two options will only be visible if you select One-way or Round-trip.

Date Grid: As the name suggests, Date Grid shows the flight fare grid for One-way or round-trip flights. You can see up to 8 days of flight fares using the data grid. It is useful when there is some possibility of rescheduling a flight by few days.

Price Graph: It is another exciting option. The price graph forms a graph of various flight fares for up to 11 months. You can use it to plan your vacation in advance by keeping the flight prices in mind. On the first screen, it shows data for two months at a time. You can switch to any month and compare the flight fare easily with the help of a graph.

Benefits of Using Google Flight Calendar

There are several benefits of using Google Flight Calendar. You can have a look at these benefits here:

  • Travel Planning: You can easily plan your travel or vacation with the help of a Flight Calendar. It works for both Flight and Hotels.
  • Up to 333 days of data: As said earlier, this calendar shows data for up to 333 days, and you can book a flight in advance for a specific date in the next 11th month.
  • Price Comparison: It is the most significant advantage of using Google Flight Calendar. It allows you to compare hotel prices and flight fares conveniently.
  • Vacation Rentals: Planning long vacations? This calendar can help you in that too. Find staying options for the next 11 months. Simply click on Vacation Rentals tab from the left panel on the Google Travel website and choose your destination. Do not forget to specify the dates of your stay.


Although planning your vacations in advance is a good idea to save money and prevent any last-minute changes. However, 11 months seems to be a really long time, and a lot can happen in these 11 months. But, if you complete the checkout and book the tickets in advance, you might miss on some other things such as:

  • Any promotional offer
  • Third-party coupon or deal
  • Change in plans (might result in high cancellation fees)

And maybe more, there can be anything to avoid the travel at that planned time. That’s why I suggest you please read the terms and conditions about far-future booking policies on airlines or travel agent’s websites before completing the checkout process. Otherwise, you might end up paying extra rather than saving with prior booking.
Check all the details about Google Flight Calendar on your computer or smartphone. Let me know if you face any difficulty with that. You can bookmark for cheap flight deals and other travel help guides. Keep traveling and stay safe!

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