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google flight tracking
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google flight tracking

We have previously discussed Google Travel and its applications. In today’s post, I will show you how to use the Google Flight Tracking system to track flights and prices. You will also receive an alert whenever the prices are lower for a flight.
Before moving further, I would like you to recall that Google Flight is a free flight search platform by Google and part of its Google Travel Planner. You can search various flights and find the best deals to visit any place around the world. Here are some features of Google Flight:

  • Find cheap flight tickets
  • One-way, round trip, or multi-city flight search
  • Complete checkout directly on a third-party website
  • View price graph and date grid to compare fares
  • Sort flights by CO2 emission, connecting airport, prices, Etc.
  • Customize time, bags, price, duration, stops, and more while searching flights
  • Track flights and prices using the Google Flight Tracking system

How to track flights and prices

Ok, so let’s see how you can use Google Flight Tracking to track prices and flights for any specific journey. Follow the step-by-step guide below:

Visit Google Flight

Open any of the web browsers on your computer or smartphone, and visit
In the search box that your front of you, enter source, destination, city, or airport. Do not forget to customize your search preferences according to the trip (round, one-way, or multi-city), class (economy, business, etc.), and click on search.

Enable Track Prices

On the next page, you will see all the flight results according to your search query. Just above the flight results, you will see “Track Prices” with a toggle button. Click on the button to enable tracking of prices.
Right after enabling the track prices option, you will see a small line appear at the bottom of the browser screen saying, “You will receive price update emails View Now.” When you click on the view now, you can see what flight prices you are currently tracking.
You can add as many numbers items to Google Flight Tracking and track prices for various flights.

Track Airline Prices

You just enabled tracking of flight prices via Flight Tracking on Google Flight. But, you can also track expenses for any specific Airline or Travel Agency. To do so, follow the below steps.
Search for any flights by putting necessary information
From the search results, click on any Airline result, and another webpage will open. Here you can track prices by toggling the Track Prices button.

When you enable Track Prices, you will again see the same message confirming your flight tracking. You can click on View Now to see the tracked flight prices. This time, you will also see the airline name in front of flight details.
If you come back again to see what flights and prices you are currently tracking, you can click on the hamburger icon from the top left corner on the Google Flight dashboard and then click on Tracked Flight Prices tab.
On the Tracked Prices dashboard, you can enable or disable email notifications for the flight. If you click on the Bin icon under the flight route, you can delete the Google Flight Tracking for that flight.
As you can see, you can easily track flights and prices using this fantastic platform. You will receive notification on your email whenever,
Prices for a route may go up.
The current fare expires, and a new price may come

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to view Google Flight tracking history?

Go to Google Flight homepage and click on the menu icon on the top left corner. You can click on “Track Flight Prices” to see your Google Flight Tracking history from the menu.

How to turn email notification ON / OFF?

Visit Google Flights, click on the hamburger icon (Menu icon) from the top left corner, and click on the Track Flight Prices tab. Now, either click on the notification icon (bell) or click on the switch next to Email Notifications (from the 3-dot menu) to turn email notification ON/OFF.

Can I track American Airlines on Google Flights?

Yes, Google Flight provides flight options from major airlines and travel agencies around the world. You can easily track flight prices for American Airlines for any route.

That was all from my side today, and thank you so much for your time. Try Google Flight tracking on your computer and see how it goes. Also, if you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to ask me.

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