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Time to fly from Baltimore, Maryland, to New Jersey

It takes 31 minutes to fly from Baltimore, Maryland to New Jersey.

This is the average air flight time (wheels up to runway wheels) calculated from actual flights over the past year. It includes routes such as BWI and EWR. This provides take-off and landing for a typical commercial flight.

You should factor in additional time for the plane’s pullback from the gate, taxi to the runway, and return to your destination gate. This extra time on the runway will add 53 minutes to the total time it takes to fly from Baltimore, Maryland to New Jersey.

Pilots may also want to use a 500 mph average speed for commercial airlines to calculate the flight time. This is equivalent to 805 km/h, or 434 knots. Your flight time will be 16 minutes if you don’t take extra time to increase/decrease speed for landing and take-off.

Check the departure and arrival times before you book a flight. Also, consider airport delays and wait for times and possible equipment or weather delays. You might also want to check if there is a time difference between Baltimore and New Jersey.

Flight time is calculated based on the straight-line distance between Baltimore, MD, and New Jersey (“as the crow flies”), approximately 132 miles or 213 km.

Baltimore, Maryland, is the starting point for your trip.

It ends in New Jersey.

Baltimore, MD to New Jersey, the flight direction will be Northeast (57 degrees North).

The flight time calculator calculates the average flight time between points. The great circle formula is used to calculate the travel mileage.

What airlines fly from Maryland to New Jersey and offer flexible cancellations because of COVID-19

Our airline partners flying from Maryland and New Jersey have flexible policies due to COVID-19. Flexible cancellation policies may be available at American Airlines, Delta, and United Airlines. Our site allows you to search for airlines such as American Airlines that offer this flexibility.

BookFlight, can I find flights between Maryland and New Jersey that are less than $200

Yes, you can find multiple flights between Maryland and New Jersey that cost less than $200. Delta is the cheapest airline to book recently, at just $158, while on average, you will pay $168.

BookFlight: Are there nonstop flights between Maryland and New Jersey?

BookFlight offers at least 20 direct flights between Maryland and New Jersey for as low as $200. The cost of a nonstop flight between Maryland and New Jersey is below $171.

Is there a last-minute flight from Maryland to New Jersey that costs less than $200?

For less than $200, there are currently 20+ flights available from Maryland to New Jersey in the next seven days.

Which airlines fly the cheapest from Maryland to New Jersey?

Spirit Airlines offers one-way flights at very reasonable prices. Our data shows that you can fly as low as $77. Prices starting at $89 and $97 for Allegiant Air and Delta have been reported by users.

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