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How far ahead do I have to book the flight from San Francisco to India?

When looking for a bargain price, be ready for any possible fluctuations in cost. We recommend booking at a minimum of 60 days in advance and saving 18% or more on flight tickets between San Francisco to India compared to booking them when you’ll need to travel. The wait of 59 days may not be suitable for all, but we offer options for flights in 2 weeks, with the cheapest price beginning at $1,046. If you’re looking for a flight earlier than that, there are options in the next 3 days, beginning at $1,134.

What month is the least expensive for flying between San Francisco to India?

September is among the most popular months to travel from San Francisco to India, starting from San Francisco. The prices for September are $928 per person. However, there are some prices at less than $581. The most expensive rates are during December. If you book a flight for September, it could reduce the cost by 41% off your travel compared to booking a flight in December.

What is the most reasonable flight time between San Francisco to India (SFO IN)?

When you fly from San Francisco to India, the time of day you choose to fly out makes minimal or no impact on the total cost you’ll be paying for tickets.

Which airports are served by San Francisco to India flights?

People looking to travel towards India coming to India from San Francisco will leave the state at San Francisco International Airport. It is located 13 miles away from San Francisco and provides flights all over America and flights to Asia and Europe. It is the second most crowded airport in the region, following Los Angeles International Airport, and is the seventh most crowded across the United States. The airport where travelers go down will be different according to where you’re heading. Travelers going to Visakhapatnam will be landing at Visakhapatnam Airport, while those going to Ahmedabad will be coming down at Ahmedabad Airport.

Which airlines fly direct from San Francisco to India?

Due to this flight’s distance, there are no direct, nonstop flights connecting San Francisco to India. However, travelers have an abundance of flights that offer at least one stop in the route. India’s places to select from are Amritsar, Chennai, Mumbai, and New Delhi. People who plan to visit New Delhi can choose a flight with only one stop or one with two flights. The majority of flights with two stops are likely to be cheaper than flights with only one stop.

What are the alternatives for stopping in-between San Francisco to India?

A few airlines that provide stops on flights that connect to India departing from San Francisco include China Southern, Air China, and Turkish Airlines. If you are looking for the least cost option, you are likely to make several stops before arriving at the destination. One of the available routes stops at Wuhan Airport and Guangzhou Airport in China before heading to New Delhi. These flights usually have just one stop at London Heathrow Airport, Dubai Airport, or Istanbul Airport.

Do I require a passport or visa to travel between San Francisco to India?

Travelers coming from San Francisco into India will require both a passport and an Indian visa. The passport must last at least 180 days. It must have at least two blank pages.

Which airport do you fly to fly from San Francisco to India?

Just 11.8 miles from the city’s center, San Francisco (SFO) is the main airport travelers will fly through when traveling towards India via San Francisco.

Which airlines that fly out of San Francisco to India have flexibility in cancellations due to COVID-19?

The airlines that operate flight services that fly from San Francisco to India that might offer flexible cancellation policies include Air India, Cathay Pacific, and Singapore Airlines. Our site will allow you to look for airlines that provide greater flexibility because of COVID-19.

Are there cheap flights between San Francisco to India for less than $600 on Cheapflights?

Many flights connect San Francisco to India for less than 600 dollars. The cheapest flight booked recently is with Multiple Airlines for just $587; however, on average, you will spend $606.

Are there nonstop flights connecting San Francisco to India for less than $700 on Cheapflights?

Cheapflights offers at most 20 direct flights between San Francisco to India under $700. A reasonable cost to fly nonstop between San Francisco to India is less than $754.

Do you know if last-minute flights connect San Francisco to India for less than $800?

20 available flights connect San Francisco to India within the next 7 days, for less than $800.

How is this route rated? San Francisco to India flight route?

This San Francisco to India flight route was visited by 1,464 people in the last month. Be on the lookout for changes in the search interest ahead of the low and high seasons.

San Francisco to India flights

Which airlines are the most affordable that fly between San Francisco to India one-way?

The cheapest airlines to fly one-way flights to San Francisco to India are Air France ($409), Etihad Airways ($425) as well as Delta ($431).

Which are the well-known top routes that connect San Francisco to India?

If you decide Which route you should take to get which route to take from San Francisco to India, take into consideration San Francisco – New Delhi Indira Gandhi Intl San Francisco – Bengaluru Intl or San Francisco -Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Intl because they are the most well-known.

Which are the top well-known airlines that operate from San Francisco to India?

Take into consideration Major Airline, Jet Airways, or American Airlines when booking your flight. They are among the most popular airlines for flights from San Francisco to India.

What are the most affordable flights from San Francisco to India?

Are you searching for the lowest cost flight from San Francisco towards India? On average, our customers spend $1,482 on flights to India. Our information shows the lowest price to be $397. The most well-known route (San Francisco to New Delhi Indira Gandhi Intl) costs $653.

What are the most environmentally friendly airline companies from San Francisco to India?

Many eco-friendly companies offer flight options towards India via San Francisco, including Virgin Atlantic. Considered one of the most eco-friendly airlines worldwide, Virgin Atlantic has a vast array of environmentally friendly programs. They offer programs like “Change is on the Horizon,” a program aimed to make their operations on the ground extremely efficient, and its Responsible Supplier Policy, which guarantees that they only purchase from environmentally friendly suppliers. Japan Airlines is another eco-friendly airline that operates flight options in India starting from San Francisco. A company committed to cutting down on its carbon footprint, Japan Airlines has heavily invested in researching sustainable aviation fuels made of plant-based components. The company has also replaced its old aircraft with modern and more efficient aircraft.

What can I do to fly more sustainably to and from San Francisco to India?

To travel more sustainably from San Francisco towards India, it is recommended to reserve an early flight as flights that have layovers typically consume much more fuel for jets than straight flights. Another option to attempt sustainable travel is to pack light; the lighter your take on your plane, the less fuel you’ll use on your flight. While direct and lighter planes require lesser fuel, they emit carbon dioxide, so even if you take direct flights and carry a lightweight bag and bring a small amount of luggage, you’ll continue to contribute to the generation emission of hazardous emissions. Another eco-friendly practice you can implement is estimating the amount of carbon dioxide you generated on your trip and then purchasing the same amount for carbon offsets.

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