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Aging is a natural issue that should be handled calmly and respectfully. Being old and living a comfortable retirement life with settled children offers unlimited liberty and opens the door to an entirely new world of adventure and travel. The world is definitely for all who are fit and healthy, physically fit and active, and looking to live a relaxed, joyful life.

Today, there’s a trend among seniors to take a trip and travel to distant locations, and explore the entire globe. If you’re an older person who has a love for life and the desire to travel the world, no one will stop you from taking a trip.

Finding senior airline fares is now easier. Numerous airlines offer senior discounts on flights. Many OTAs, such as Book flight, provide airline discounts for seniors. No matter if you’re planning to travel by yourself or with your spouse or friends, or with your grandchildren or children, you’ll want to make the most of your vacation while saving money on your flight tickets. With us, don’t fret about the cost of your travels anymore, thanks to our senior-friendly travel discounts.

We are looking forward to offering senior citizens discounts on trips abroad when you book with us. With our senior citizen discount flights, traveling to the top destinations globally is now affordable. Make plans for a trip now with our massive old flight deals and save money.

We will ensure that you keep enjoying discounted airfares on senior airlines often when you book with us. A dream vacation with incredible savings is just a phone or click away. Make use of our special senior rates and take your time in one of the world’s most popular tourism destinations. Let’s make travel for seniors easy for you to carry around. Get your tickets now to save with our amazing senior travel discounts, unlike any other time!

We have a large selection of senior travel deals available to you. Explore today and choose the destination that is to fit your budget. Get in touch with our booking representatives today via phone or email. We are open 24 hours a day and are happy to assist you with your questions and provide you with more details on our senior discounts on flights and special offers.

Which airlines offer discounts for senior citizens?

Senior citizens discount international flights when flying on major airlines like American Airlines, United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Southwest Airlines, Lufthansa, and British Airways. Senior fares on airlines are offered for those 65 years old and over.

Do senior citizen concessions exist for domestic flights?

Yes, seniors can enjoy concessions available on domestic flights; however, just a few airlines offer it. American Airlines and its partner airline American Eagle offer senior discount flights on specific domestic routes for 65 or older. They do not offer these discounts on all routes. The discounts aren’t shown when you book on the internet.
Southwest Senior Fares are used when making domestic flight bookings through Southwest Airlines online. The program is only available for elderly people aged 65 or more. It can be done by contacting the airline’s customer service or booking via your travel broker.
US airlines like Frontier Airlines and Spirit Airlines do not offer airline discounts to senior citizens on domestic flights since the prices are already incredibly discounted.

Are there discounts for senior citizens when traveling on international flights?

American Airlines provides discounted tickets for passengers 65 or over on selected international flights. United Airlines offers senior rates for travel to specific destinations worldwide.
If you are flying through Delta Air Lines, it is impossible to purchase senior tickets on the internet. However, the airline occasionally offers senior citizens discounts on international flights.
Southwest Airlines has an extensive program available to all passengers aged 65 and over. Senior rates on Southwest Airlines are available on the internet and on the phone when traveling to domestic or international destinations. However, the discount is not combined with other deals for travel.
Direct discounts for seniors are not available from British Airways. However, AARP members can enjoy significant savings when they book with the airline in World Traveller (economy), World Traveller Plus (premium economy), Club World (business class), or First Class. However, the discount is limited to US residents traveling from the US to the UK and isn’t mixed with other offers for travel.

How much of a discount can seniors get on flights?

Numerous airlines are currently offering discounts for seniors on flights. However, the discounts vary based according to the rules of various airlines.
Air India provides a 50 percent discount off the base price for senior citizens traveling with economy class. The senior citizen discount is only available to people over 63 years old and who are Indian permanent residents of India.
Qatar Airways offers a 15 percent senior discount for passengers 65 years old or over. Other airlines around the world offering senior discounts on their routes include Etihad Airways and Emirates Airlines.

Note: *All prices shown above are in USD and include the base fare, taxes, and other charges. Additional baggage fees could be charged following the airline’s policies.

*Above fares were found on the 01st of March 2022. Prices are subject to change and cannot be confirmed upon making the booking.

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