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spirit airlines check in

Spirit Airlines check in policy is widely acknowledged to be among the best budget carriers in the United States and is recognized to offer one of the cheapest flight services to scores of travelers every day. Suppose you are making Spirit Airlines reservations for your next trip. In that case, it’s also pertinent for you to know the different rules and regulations of the airline for a convenient and hassle-free travel experience.
Here’s all that you need to know regarding Spirit Airline Check in policy. Check-in is an essential part of air travel, and it’s necessary to understand the procedure and all that Spirit Airlines offers.

What are Spirit Airlines Check in policy options?

Spirit Airline check in offers three options to check in for the flight. These include Online check-in, Kiosk check-in, and Airport ticket counter check-in. Let’s take a look at all of these check-in options in detail.

Spirit Airlines Check in online  Spirit Airlines check in online option is available to travelers with a confirmed reservation for domestic and international flights. Travelers, however, cannot take advantage of online check-in options in specific international locations keeping in view the security directives of the TSA (Transportation Security Administration. Spirit Airlines offers an accessible online check-in facility between 24 hours and 60 minutes before scheduled departure.
There are many advantages of online check-in too. First, it is free and hence saves money. Second, the passengers can buy carry-on and checked bags at cheaper rates than the hefty fees charged at the airport.
The passengers can also purchase a seat assignment free of charge, which randomly assigns at check-in. However, if you have a special requirement and request a seat assignment, the airline will charge between $1 and $50 for regular seats and between $12 and $150 for Big Front Seats.
It may note that before purchasing seats or bags and printing the boarding pass, the passport information needs to be entered by the passengers traveling to international destinations on the airline’s network.
Spirit Airlines doesn’t allow specific passenger online check-in options. These include the following:

  • Traveling on a group booking of 10 or more
  • Traveling with pets or psychiatric service/emotional help animals
  • Traveling with a lap child
  • Solitary minors
  • Non-U.S. citizens departing from worldwide locations
  • Traveling to or from specific worldwide destinations
  • Traveling with a Military ID instead of a passport
  • Travelers purchasing an extra seat or special items

The passengers falling in this category must complete their check-in process at the airport ticket counter, and the fee will waive for them.

Spirit Airline Kiosk check-in

spirit airline kisok check in

The passengers who are not allowed to do online check-in can use the easy-to-use self-serve kiosks of Spirit Airlines at the airport by paying a $2 fee per passenger. They will also have to pay $10 for printing a boarding pass at the airport.

Spirit Airlines Airport Ticket Counter check-in

All such passengers who are not allowed online check-in, as already stated above, can use the airport ticket check-in option. The check-in fee will waive for them, but they will have to spend $10 per passenger for printing the boarding pass.

Minimum check-in times

It always recommends reaching the airport in enough time in advance. It is mainly for all those exempted from online check-in and requires time to get their boarding pass, go through security, and reach the boarding gate on time. In this case, you need to arrive at the airport earlier, at least 2 hours for national flights and 3 hours for worldwide flights.
Those who already had their boarding pass issued before minimum check-in times will need to be present at the airport 45 minutes before for domestic flights and 60 minutes earlier for international and US Virgin Islands flights. It also applies to passengers checking baggage as well.
If the passengers fail to adhere to minimum check-in times, Spirit Airlines reserves the right to cancel seat assignments or reservations. You may not be eligible for denied boarding compensation.

Spirit Airlines Boarding Zones & Process

When most people hear Spirit Airlines, they manage to recoil. Spirit put in the same category as Ryanair, EasyJet, and Air Asia, and rightly so: all of these airlines recognize as ultra-low-cost carriers.

It means you won’t get any extras without paying for them. Fares set are as low as they can go, and passengers charge for anything different they want.

If we say everything, we mean everything: carry-on bags, printing boarding passes, and seat selection are just some of the extra fees you will find when booking with Spirit Airlines. Unfortunately, you won’t also get a free drink during your flight!

The common valuable thing you can do to upgrade your experience while flying any low-cost airline is understanding the policies and fees before you book. This way, you know what to expect and don’t end up frustrated with unexpected prices and difficulty.

Understanding how the Spirit Airlines boarding method works is a great place to start preparing for your flight.

By understanding boarding, you’ll get your trip started right and have less to worry about when it’s time to fly. So let’s take a look at how Spirit Airlines boards its planes so you’ll know just what to do.

Spirit Airlines Boarding Zones

Spirit Airlines uses a boarding process that is similar to other low-cost airlines like Frontier: four numbered zones, along with pre-boarding and family boarding, make a process that is relatively easy to follow.

When flying with an ultra-low-cost carrier, you need to remember that many of their passengers will be newer to air travel. In conclusion, they may not be as experienced with any aircraft boarding, and you’ll need to have self-control when things do not go as quickly as they should.

The more people who understand how the boarding process works, the quicker the airplane will be loaded! So let’s go over exactly how Spirit Airlines does things.

Here are the details of which travelers are eligible to board with each of Spirit’s boarding zones:


  • Travelers with disabilities
  • Travelers who need special assistance

Zone 1

  • Travelers who purchased a carry-on bag

Zone 2

  • Travelers who purchased Shortcut Boarding
  • Travelers who have Silver or Gold status with Free Spirit
  • Cardholders of the Free Spirit® Travel More World Elite Mastercard® and the Free Spirit® Travel Mastercard®

Family Boarding

  • Families with kids ages three and under

Zone 3

  • General boarding
  • Usually, the back half of the airplane

Zone 4

  • General boarding
  • Usually, the front half of the airplane