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What airlines fly from Wisconsin to Nevada and offer flexible cancellations because of COVID-19

Spirit Airlines, Frontier, and American Airlines may offer flexible cancellation policies. Our site allows you to search for other airlines with this flexibility.

BookFlight, can I find flights between Wisconsin and Nevada for less than $200?

Yes, you can find multiple flights between Wisconsin and Nevada that cost less than $200. Sun Country Air is the cheapest airline to book recently, at $173. On average, you will pay $218.

BookFlight: Are there nonstop flights between Wisconsin and Nevada?

BookFlight offers at least 20 direct flights between Wisconsin and Nevada for as low as $200. The cost of a nonstop flight between Wisconsin and Nevada is below $227.

Are there any last-minute flights from Wisconsin to Nevada that cost less than $300?

There are currently more than 20 flights available from Wisconsin to Nevada in the next seven days, and they cost less than $300

Which days are there nonstop flights from Wisconsin to Nevada on which days?

These days are when nonstop flights are possible: Sunday, Thursday, and Friday.

Is this route popular from Wisconsin to Nevada?

Flights from Wisconsin to Nevada were viewed 215 times in the last calendar month.

What is the average daily flight time from Wisconsin to Nevada?

Each day, 5 flights depart from Wisconsin to Nevada.

Morning departures (6:00am – Noon). – 40%

Afternoon (Noon-6pm) – 20% off flight departures

Evening (6pm – Midnight), – 40% off flight departures

What is the aviation span from Wisconsin to Nevada?

Sun Country Air, which charges $173 per person, can fly you to Nevada from Wisconsin in just 3h 40m. It is approximately 1529 miles between Wisconsin and Nevada. You’ll find both nonstop and stop-over flights when you search for deals.

Which airlines fly the cheapest from Wisconsin to Nevada?

Users recently found one-way options for as low as $104 on Frontier. Spirit Airlines starts at $105 per person, and Allegiant Air starts at $116 per person.

Do I accept a COVID exam to fly to Nevada from Wisconsin?

This information is based on travel restrictions to Nevada in the United States.

Why can’t prices be 100% accurate?

Prices for hotel rooms, airline tickets, hotel rooms, car rentals, train & bus tickets, vacation rentals, packages, and train tickets change frequently. You may also find that others are trying to buy the same deal. You may end up paying more than you originally intended.

Although Cheapflights cannot guarantee prices, they try to keep our customers informed by providing current pricing information and booking data.

Email us for any queries you have any questions or complaints about a price. We will immediately get back to your inquiry.

Visitors from Wisconsin must submit a negative COVID-19 result and/or quarantine to enter Nevada.

Requirements for COVID-19 testing

Before departing for Nevada, visitors from Wisconsin must submit a negative RTPCR (NAAT) or Antigen (quick test) test. This should be done within 1 day for RTPCR (NAAT) and 1 day for Antigen (rapid test).

Quarantine requirements

Visitors from Wisconsin do not need to quarantine once they enter Nevada.

Does it require a flight test to fly to Wisconsin from Nevada?

Relocating to Wisconsin from Nevada

Requirements for COVID-19 testing

Before departing for Wisconsin, visitors from Nevada must submit a negative RTPCR (NAAT) or Antigen (quick test) test. This was done in one day for RTPCR (NAAT) and one day for Antigen.

Quarantine requirements

Visitors from Nevada do not need to be quarantined after they enter Wisconsin.

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